Publications & Performances

1960 A verse translation of Euripides The Bacchae performed at the Tower Theatre, Canonbury, & at Edinburgh Festival.

1962 A verse translation of Antigone produced on BBC TV.

1963 The Bacchae A verse translation of Euripides' last and most harrowing tragety. Produced on BBC TV

1964 A verse translation of The Trojan Women produced at Theatre Royal, Stratford East.

1964 The Trojan Women A verse translation of Euripides' powerful anti-war drama. Published by Stage Sixty.

1966 The Trojan Women published by Methuen.

1969 The Plain People — poems published by Nene Press.

1970 A verse translation of Euripides The Bacchae published by Doubleday, New York.

1981 The Bacchae, Helen, The Trojan Women published by Cambridge University Press.

1982 Between Root and Sky, a series of flower poems, illustrated and published by Mandeville Press.

1986 Won poetry Prize at Cheltenham Literary Festival.

1987 The Maidenhair Tree, poems published by Mir Press.

1988 Ships in Bottles poems published by Enitharmon Press.A Poetry Book Society Recommendation.

1992 Walking to Santiago, published by Enitharmon Press. A sequence of poems recording Neil Curry's 500 mile walk to Santiago de Compostela. This was featured in a BBC Kaleidoscope programme.

1993 CD Poets 1 published by Bellew Publishing. This was a book containing a selection of the work of 4 poets with an accompanying CD on which we read our poems.

1993 The Bending of the Bow published by Enitharmon Press in a limited and in a trade edition. This is a version of the closing books of The Odyssey and was illustrated by the American artist Jim Dine. It was featured on BBC Nightwaves.

1994 The Collected Poems of Norman Nicholson Faber & Faber. [Editor]

1998 Fourteen Steps Along the Edge, a sequence of poems published by Dedalus Press in Dublin.

1998 Miracle and The Swimmers. These translations of the work of two Israeli poets, Amir Or and Agi Mishol, were the result of a Northern Arts translation seminar at the Tyrone Guthrie Centre in Ireland.

1999 Tidelines, poems published by Reminder Press.

2001 Norman Nicholson a study of his poems published by Northern Lights.

2002 An Audience with Margaret Fell a play performed at Swarthmoor Hall which tells of the life of Margret Fell the wife of George Fox the founder of the Quaker movement.

2003 The Road to the Gunpowder House poems published by Enitharmon Press.

2003 An essay on the Scots poet Andrew Young published in The Reader.

2004 A libretto for Gary Higginson’s oratorio Dame Julian of Norwich

2005 Christopher Smart a study of his religious verse published by Northcote House

2007 Other Rooms new and selected poems published by Enitharmon Press.

2007 The Cumberland Coast Neil Curry tells the story of The Cumberland Coast an area rich in character and history

2008 Alexander Pope a study of the finest poetry of the 18th century.

2008 O leitor de The Guardian a selection of poems translated into Portuguese by Francisco José Craveiro de Carvalho

2009 George Herbert, an insightful and carefully researched study of the poet George Herbert (1593-1633)

2011 Six Eighteenth Century Poets is an assessment of the works and lives of Thomson, Johnson, Collins, Gray, Smart and Goldsmith challenges the notion that the poetic landscape between the high watermarks of Pope and Wordsworth was something of a bland mudflat.

2013 The Fable of the World translations from the French of Jules Supervielle.

2014 Some Letters Never Sent verse letters to people who have been important in Neil Curry’s life ranging from Angela Carter to the Venerable Bede. Published by Enitharmon Press.

2015 William Cowper a Revaluation an analysis of Cowper's poetry together with a view of the man which is markedly different from the accepted ‘stricken deer’ image. Publisher Greenwich Exchange.

2018 On Keeping Company with Mrs Woolf In this collection Neil Curry and Virginia Woolf meet in each other’s time zones, strike up a close friendship and find they have much to talk about.

2020 William Shenstone a comprehensive study of this multi-talented poet, landscape gardener and essayist.

2021 Northumbrian Book of Hours a sequence of prose poems recounting St Cuthbert’s journey through time and space to the holy island of Lindisfarne.

2023 Horace Walpole A study of one of the most brilliant men of his era.

2023 A Word with Bede These poems celebrate the beauty and grandeur of the cultural and spiritual landscape of the north of England, in particular the ‘Golden Age’ of Northumbria.

2023 Things Being Various Short reflective pieces in which Neil Curry seeks to re-state the claims of the imagination.